Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Decade Ago.....and More! ;)

 It's been 10 years (a decade) since I my first actual profile was posted.  :)

This is me long before I ever started on the internet. It was taken on my 21st Birthday. :)

This is me 10yrs ago (a decade later) . :)

This is me at the weekend :)
I get so cross when some folk try to compare me with an aging actress! For one, an aging actress etc has far more money than I have. I've a home to run and children I like to treat from time to time. I'm on a receptionist salary without a partner! Thinks it is so unfair to compare me with someone who spends much of their time at the gym, beauty parlour, expensive hair dressers etc :)

I do not like to be compared with someone who is half my age either. Many of us look good when we are young! :) 

I don't try to compete with anyone else. I'm me and you don't have to read what I write or even look at my pictures if you don't want to. :) 

SmileyRoseFrances x

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