Sunday, June 08, 2014

"Edge Of Tomorrow" :)

This evening I went to watch the Sci-Fi film "Edge Of Tomorrow" which stars one of my favourite actors, Tom Cruise as Major William Cage and Emily Blunt as Angel, middle name Rose. The film is based on a Japanese novel named "All You Need Is Kill." Warner Bros have come up trumps with this film as I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I particularly loved the special effects. They were absolutely marvellous!

A Slight Spoiler - Close your eyes now!

The film told the story of an alien species called Mimics who had been at war with humanity for a number of years. They were taking over Europe and the rest of the world. The United Defense Forces (UDF) are sent to attack, but the Mimicks anticipate the attack. Cage kills one off the larger Mimics, however he dies and is covered with it's blood. When he wakes up, he goes back to the previous morning at Heathrow airport, before the attack and before he dies! He finds himself in a time loop and whenever he dies he goes back in time to the day before the invasion. In one of his loops, he saves Angel, who also has the ability to 'reset' after she dies. It is eventually found out that the only way to destroy the Mimics, is by destroying the Omega. Cage and Angel set off to destroy the Omega after persuading some of the troops to help them. The film ends with both Angel and Cage dying after the Omega disintegrates and Cage's body absorbs the blood. There is one last 'time loop' and he finds himself right back to the beginning of the film when he is still Major William Cage. The story ends when he goes to find Angel, which was before they actually met! Figure that one out. He finds her doing some press-ups, as he always does ... and he has a huge smile on his face. :)

A fabulous film and I really enjoyed watching it!

Oh! By the way, my middle name is "Rose" ;)

Aww speaking of Angels, this is my niece Angel. :)


SmileyRoseFrances x

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