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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Teaching your Child To Read And Write!

 It's been very relaxing and I've enjoyed reading this evening. :)

Teaching your child to Read and Write!

Teaching your child to read and write does not have to become a chore...quite the contrary really. ;)
As a young girl I have fond memories of my Mother and Father reading to me.  One of the earliest phrases I ever learned to read and write was "The Cat Sat On The Mat" :)

I was one of the youngest children in my school year because my birthday fell in July. I was 4yrs old when I started school. I could read and write before I started school.

I remember my Mother sitting with me when I brought my school reading books home. My first reading books were a series of 'Janet and John' books.  I loved reading the books. :)

My primary school teacher, Mrs Cuthbertson was always very impressed by my reading and writing.  My school reports were always very complimentary when the teachers commented on how much progress I had made in class. :)

When my own children were very young their father and I would sit with them on a daily basis and we read to them. They both loved books from a very early age.

When they were toddlers I remember buying some picture word-cards and we made learning to read and write, a game.  When a child is very young, learning should be relaxed and fun.

My eldest daughter Catherine would run to me as a child and she'd say "Mummy read" because she loved me reading to her.  They both had a bed time story read to them every night before they went to sleep.  When they visited their grand-parents they continued having their favourite stories read to them.  If ever we went out shopping they'd quite often take me into a book shop and they'd sit and read in the children's reading corner.  We'd often leave the shop buying a book or two.  We would visit the local library on a regular basis. The encouragement to read and write was not just set by us as parents but also by their extended family members who also loved/enjoyed reading to them.

It did not surprise me when my daughter Catherine excelled at school with her reading and writing and when she expressed her wishes to go to University to study at a higher level, I was overjoyed.

Reading and writing does not need to become a chore. If you make reading and writing fun for your child, they will indeed enjoy learning.  You can never have enough of reading because someone, somewhere will always be writing another good novel and someone, somewhere will always be reading a novel.

Happy reading. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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