Monday, June 30, 2014

You Have To Be Really Careful Who You Let Into Your Life These Days!!!

I've just watched a very poignant video of a young single parent mother with a young baby. It shows how you should be extremely careful who you let into your life. :(

She tells her story and how she let a new man into her life. She started a relationship with him. One day her whole life changed forever when she was invited out for the evening. Her new boyfriend offered to babysit. Whilst she was out she received a call to say her baby had stopped breathing! She immediately went home and called the emergency services. Very soon afterwards the guy she was in a relationship with was arrested. The baby had a bleed on his brain and was on a life support machine. Eventually, after the life support machine was switched off, the baby only lived for a few hours before he died. Apparently, the new boyfriend had shaken and hit the baby causing him to have severe brain damage. :(

It just goes to show, if you are a single parent, you have to be really careful who you let into your life, or your home!!!!

SmileyRoseFrances x

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