Sunday, July 27, 2014

Indeed! I Have Only Ever Had Relationships With Men!

No! I am not gay or bi-sexual! :)

Don't you just despise all of those folk who assume you are gay because they see you out with another female, a friend?!!! I have ONLY ever had a sexual relationship with a man, but NEVER with a woman!!!

I was married for a number of years and I only had sex with my then husband for all of the years we were married.  I have never looked at a woman in a sexual manner.  I don't feel attracted to a woman in any way.  I am very feminine and I am only likely to have a sexual relationship with a man!  :)

I have dated a number of men, before and after marriage. I am currently not in a relationship with any man, however when someone sees me out with a female, just enjoying myself, why do they assume I'm gay? A woman can have female friends you know!

I went to book something earlier today and the person added myself and my friend as both being a Ms on the form.  Well I am NOT a Ms. I am a Miss and I was a Mrs when I was married.

I do not have anything against those folk who are gay or bi-sexual, it's their prerogative. I know some nice gay folk, however I am NOT gay. I never have been gay. If I were, then I would be proud to tell you and the whole world that I was because I wouldn't have anything to feel ashamed off.  Love is love.... however it's just not me, it's not in my nature. :)

SmileyRoseFrances  xxx

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