Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys (Haha My Middle Name Is AGNES) :)

I've had a fun weekend.  :)

Yesterday, my Mum very kindly made us a lovely picnic. I drove us to Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire and we all had a fabulous family picnic by the water. It was a very hot summers day but there was a lovely breeze. It was so lovely to have BOTH of my daughters with me. Just recently it has been very difficult for us all to spend time together at the same time, this is due to work commitments/Uni commitments.  I received some lovely presents/birthday cards and it isn't officially my birthday until Tuesday. ;)

During the afternoon I lay back on the picnic rug and as I was looking up into the beautiful blue sky. There was a mini air display right above me! There were three RAF Spitfires flying directly above me. So funny as someone mentioned they were Lancaster aircraft's, but not quite. ;) One of the aircraft's left a smoke circle directly above me. It was a definite ring shape. Hmm I felt as if I had a halo above me. ;)  I had a great day. :)

Today, a friend and I popped along to The Farmers, Yaxley for a Sunday Carvery. It was very nice indeed.:) Afterwards we stopped off at the Yaxley Church and I went to see my favourite horses in the field. I often used to take my children past the same field to visit the horses when they were babies/toddler/children. They both grew up in Yaxley. We used to live right in the centre of the Yaxley village.  :)

We later went to the Woodman's Cottage for a quick drink before heading off to The Fitzwilliam's Arms. We at an enormous Chocolate eclair for dessert. :)

I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty for not sticking to my diet today, particularly as this weekend is my Birthday weekend :)  Thanks friend for my present. :)

I later went to watch Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie. The film made me chuckle. Haha my middle name is Agnes for those of you who didn't realize.  ;)

I have had a lovely weekend. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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