Friday, July 18, 2014

My Daughter The Graduand :)

Congratulations Catherine!

A few years ago, I remember feeling extremely proud as I placed a photograph of Catherine into a photo frame. She'd just completed her Duke of Edinburgh award and I felt so proud of her.  :)

Who could really blame me for grinning from ear to ear today as Catherine announced her University grades to me!!! I wanted to jump for joy!

Catherine my daughter is a Graduand. She has just completed studying for a Bachelor of arts degree in English literature and language. I have never felt so proud!!!  I'm astounded because she could do no better! First class results from a first class daughter!!! *Tears* Overjoyed.. So happy! Well done the A-Team! :)

On Catherine's Graduation Day, there will be two extremely proud parents attending. I shall be fighting/holding back the tears however I shall be applauding my daughter for all of her hard work over the past few years. She has really worked so hard for this and she deserves it all!!

Aww thinking back to the first book I ever read to Catherine as a toddler. It was a farm yard story all about the animals and the funny noises they made! :) I was a full-time Mother for both of my children. Catherine would often enjoy me reading to her. I have such happy memories of our days together.  My, how time flies when you're having fun. ;o)


SmileyRose x

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