Thursday, July 03, 2014

The British!!!!

Eww I do wish some British folk would stop moaning, winging and telling me how unhappy they are at being called British! They keep moaning to me re how they were born in England, therefore they only wish to be known as English!!!!  Many folk express how unsatisfied they are being categorized as British and they do not like being put into the same catagory as all of those who are not born in England!!! Stop being so insulting!!!

Duh! Are they being silly....or what?!!! :o)

If someone was born at Heathrow airport, England because their Mother went into labour during a holiday flight stop-off, but he/she went back to live in their own country and they're brought up only speaking their own language, they are happy to celebrate the culture of the country they live in and they can't speak a word of English, it certainly doesn't/shouldn't entitle them to be known as English... or even British for that matter, particularly if the person in question has no intention of ever living in Britain, or ever being part of the country! :)  They were born in England albeit at an airport, so please tell me how that makes them English?

Or, if a person was born in Cyprus during their parents RAF posting and they don't speak a word of Cypriot nor do they celebrate another culture....that doesn't make them Cypriot and they're still likely to be British. They still have every right to be part of England surely!

There are lots of folk who are born to a British parent/s and who are born outside of England, but just because they weren't born in England, it doesn't entitle them to be categorized as anything less than someone who was born in England. They all speak the English language just like you do! So please stop moaning to me about it! You are British! Live with it!!!

As far as I am concerned, you can usually tell if someone has been brought up in Britain, because they will usually speak the English language as their first/only language.... and it is not their second language. Maybe forms should ask the question, what is your first language, second language etc rather than what country were you were born in!!!  Asking what is your first language, will give someone an indication of where they come from anyway. :)

This concludes my reasons why I don't think there should be a category for just the English, when being British generalizes everyone associated with England for the reasons I have stated above.  :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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