Saturday, July 12, 2014

Open Air Shakespeare Theatre at Tolethorpe :)

I recently spent a lovely evening at the Open Air Shakespeare Theatre, Tolethorpe with a friend.  It wasn't Shakespeare, however it was a fabulous Lewis Carroll play which I enjoyed immensely.

Tolethorpe Hall is a beautiful venue which has a family picnic area and also a restaurant.  Tolethorpe Hall dates back to the late11th century. The surrounding countryside of Tolethorpe hasn't changed very much in the past 1000years.

The amateur Stamford Shakespeare Company was founded in 1968 by Jean Harley and in 1971 the theatre group became independent and was named, the Stamford Shakespeare Company. The very first Shakespeare play I watched at Tolethorpe was 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Tolethorpe Hall was the home of three distinguished dynasties, the de Tolethorpe (1088 - 1316), the Burton (1316-1503) and the Browne (Francis) (1503 - 1839) families. Francis Browne was a Member of Parliament for Stamford in 1509 and a courtier of Henry VIII.

I'd like to also acknowledge two much loved people who are sadly missed at Tolethorpe Hall by me: The late Mr Derek Harrison and his late wife Lesley Harrison. They were both friends who lived just around the corner from my parents family home, where I grew up in Stamford. As a teenager, I often used to stop and chat to them when I walked by their home. Derek was a theatre worker, journalist, historian and author. He always had a story to tell and I was greatly saddened to hear about his death. So sad. x

SmileyRoseFrances x

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