Saturday, August 16, 2014

Congratulations Darling! I Am So Proud Of You Lauren! :o)

What can I say! I have another 'smart' daughter!  :)

Many students across Britain have all been receiving their 'A' Level results over the past week, my daughter Lauren being one of them.  For all of you who have done well, many congratulations to you all, however I would just like to wish my daughter Lauren many congratulation for passing her 'A' Levels and for making me so proud of her.  She has worked exceptionally hard this year and it hasn't gone unnoticed by me.  You are wonderful, beautiful and no words can express how much I love you. :)

It's off to University for Lauren and I am so glad because she gets to attend her first choice of Universities.  I am hoping you have lots of fun between now and then as I know how hard you have to work over the next few years.

Wow! One daughter just about to begin University and Catherine, my eldest daughter will be graduating from University in the next few weeks.  What more can a mother ask for!  I not only have two beautiful daughters, but they BOTH have brains! ;)  Brightness seems to run in the family. Thinks it's not just about looking have to have the brains to go with it to complete the whole package. ;)

Good luck to Lauren and the very best of Luck to Catherine.  I wish you both well. I love you to bits. :)

Yay! We're all in the 'A' Team now. ;)

Personally I applaud anyone who can apply themselves and who can get further to achieve something beyond just school level. Further education isn't always easy, particularly if you are studying full time. It can sometimes make you feel a little down when you see some of your friends working and earning a wage and you're still studying.  Thinking positive at this stage and looking to the future can make the difference and I am sure the workforce will welcome many new Graduates. :)


SmileyRoseFrances x

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