Saturday, August 09, 2014

Hmm I Wonder!

I was wondering... If you knew someone for almost a lifetime, could you really fall in love with the person many years later? Is that possible?   Is it likely to spoil the good relationship/friendship which you already have together? Ah! But what if you knew each other when you were children, but you don't meet up again until you're adults? Would you still see that person as the same child you once knew, or would you see them in a different light? :)

When I was growing up we did not have Facebook or Twitter, therefore without the social networking sites that you have today, it wasn't possible to keep in touch with all of your school chums and childhood friends, those you knew when you were a child. Therefore, if you've not known too much about a person for a number of years, if you meet up together many years later, it's likely to be similar to meeting any stranger for the first time. You begin by getting to know the person all over again. You're likely to get along, or you're likely to hate each other because people tend to change as they get older. ;) That's unless you've remained in contact with each other throughout the years.  :)

Hmm I don't know. So far I've never managed to fall in love with anyone I knew as a child. I've never said never though.;)

I have managed to make contact with a few childhood male friends in the past couple of years. LOL I've not fallen for any of them though....besides, they're all married now. :o)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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