Saturday, August 09, 2014

I Am Not A Great Fan Anymore!

I used to be a fan of Twitter, but I am afraid to say that ever since they've made all of the photographs only viewable singularly, so that it magnifies part of a photograph only, I am sad to say that I am not a fan of it anymore!!!

It is all very well being able to post photographs onto the site, however I much prefer to view the whole picture and not when it only magnifies part of the photograph!  I have noticed that some of my photographs only zoom in on my chest!  I don't want anyone zooming in on my chest. I have more to me than just my chest!

I used to like Twitter, however I am definitely NOT a fan of it anymore!  Well not until they change it back to how it used to be that is.:)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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