Monday, August 11, 2014

"Nut Job"

What a fabulous day!  :)

This morning I went to pick my daughter Catherine up so that we could spend some time together. Our morning began with a slight hiccup however when the RAC man told me there was nothing to worry about, we were soon on our way again. :)

We stopped off at a quaint little village pub, The Prince of Wales PH, Hilton to have a drink before we set off again to grab a light lunch together.  Afterwards we went to book our cinema tickets at Cineworld. The film we went to watch was "Nut Job" animated film. I enjoyed the film immensely. The characters were really colourful. 

The film starred: Will Arnette as Surly, Liam Neeson as Racoon and Robert Tinkler as Buddy, it was well worth a watch. :)

So funny!  Parking the car at the Cineworld car-park turned out to be somewhat amusing! The only space I could find in the whole of the car-park, left half of my car parked in a huge puddle. I was unable to get out of the drivers side, therefore I had to climb out of the car from the passenger side! Eww I had a fitted skirt on at the time. It was hilarious to say the least. My daughter Catherine was in fits of laughter. It seems you have two pathways in life and I chose the correct one on this occasion, apart from the gear stick. ;o) Thankfully the drainage system worked by the time we got back to the car after the film. ;) 

SmileyRoseFrances x

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