Friday, August 29, 2014

The English Language :)

Recently someone asked me what my main spoken language was! :)  LOL I was quite taken aback because although I have quite dusky looks, my mother tongue is indeed the English language. :)

I was brought up in England to both parents who only spoke the English language, therefore it is only natural that I speak the same language as my family, particularly as English was the only language spoken within our family home.

It was not unusual that when I had my own two children, who are now 18yrs and 21yrs old, that they should speak the same language as me too within our family home, particularly as my ex-husband was an Englishman!

I was overjoyed when my eldest daughter Catherine told me that her chosen subject at University, was English. Later this year I am very much looking forward to attending her graduation. She was an excellent student, who received the highest grades in her chosen subject, something for a Mother to indeed be very proud off.:)

I am very proud of my language, it is the only one I know.  I am very flattered that so many folk also like the English language as much as i do, particularly as so many people want to learn to speak the language too.

I'm also very proud of my culture. I was brought up in England within a christian family. I have never wanted to change my religion, nor my culture. I only have a British nationality.  :)

So, just in case anyone else is wondering, my main and only language is English, although I speak a little school girl French as it was compulsory for all scholars to learn another language at school.  It was a subject we could drop when we reached the 3rd year at secondary school.  I then chose secretarial and office studies at school and I decided to drop French. :)

I hope this clears it all up for anyone else who was wondering.;)

PS  Yes! It is possible to be born in another country, yet English is still your first and ONLY language (your mother tongue). :)  Therefore contrary to popular belief, I am NOT Italian or Spanish, although quite often I get mistaken for being this because of my swarthy complexion.  :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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