Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Cilla" :)

Thanks to my Mum who recorded the three part serial "Cilla" for me. Unfortunately, I was away on holiday during the series, therefore I missed it! :(  This evening I made the time to sit and watch all three parts!!! :)

I am more familiar with watching Cilla on the television, however I was a little too young to remember how she became famous and her singing career. It was all very interesting.  I have enjoyed many of her songs from the 60's. Even my young daughter Catherine likes her songs! She has three generations of fans just within my own family. ;)

I knew Brian Epstein was an English music entrepreneur who was best known for managing the Beatles after he discovered them in November 1961, during a lunchtime Cavern Club, however I didn't know he also discovered Cilla Black. :)

One of the reasons why I really like Cilla, is because she is smart, funny and down to earth. ;) It was a fabulous drama and I enjoyed watching it.

My favourite Cilla songs: "I Can Sing A Rainbow"  "Anyone Who Had A Heart" "You're My World" and "Alfie" :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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