Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harry's South Pole Hero's

I am watching "Harry's South Pole Hero's" on the TV.   It's a documentary about three teams uniting and racing a 200km trek to the South Pole.

Four wounded British soldiers are led by Prince Harry to race to the South Pole. The teams are: The UK, The USA and The Commonwealth.

The teams all set off from the Antarctica and they all face challenging experiences during their race.

We get to meet each of the team members and we take a look at each of their individual profiles. We learn about each member and the seriousness of their injuries...and how they overcame life changing injuries. Team UK: Prince Harry, Duncan Slater, Ibrar Ali MC, Kate Philp, Guy Disney and guide Conrad Dickinson.  

Before the team set off, they visit Buckingham Palace to meet The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. It's a special honour for them all. 

They all seem excited however there are tearful goodbyes as the teams set off from Heathrow Airport, a 6 hour flight.  When they arrive, it is -40C. Brrrr that sounds a wee bit cold to me. :)

....and so it's time for the race to begin!!!!

I am really looking forward to watching the second part of this documentary. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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