Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Rewrite"

This evening I went to see 'The Rewrite' which stars actors Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. The film may not be everyone else's cup of tea, however I found the film to be quite heart warming in some places. It is indeed a romantic comedy with a few emotional moments. :)

A little bit of a spoiler: 

The film tells the story of a 'has been' screen writer who makes it in Hollywood, with one really good Oscar winning film script. I liked the way they used the acceptance speech from Four Weddings and a Funeral for this clip in the movie. ;)  

His career is on a downhill slope as he finds nobody is interested in his scripts anymore. He makes a decision to go and teach screen writing in a small American college, within a small town (It looked a little like Ipswich Uni), however, no sooner does he begin teaching he embarks on a sexual relationship with one of the students. He soon learns that it is not good practice for a teacher to have any hanky-panky with his students and so he risks losing his job. In the mean time, he gets friendly with a single Mum 'wannabe' scriptwriter. She becomes a student in his class. They become good friends and he finds her easy to get along with. He finds himself falling for her. He also encourages another student to finish writing a script. The script is well received and eventually it goes to Hollywood. Hugh Grant's character, Keith Michaels feels his relationship with his son is lost because he thinks his son thinks of him, the way he thinks of himself! He's a bit hard on himself and the single Mother, encourages him to get in touch with his son, which he does. :)

The story line is clever as he plays a scriptwriter who ends up convincing everyone that he is writing a script about a washed-up scriptwriter, based on himself! Someone in the class thought Matt Damon should play the lead role. :)

There were a few chuckle moments in the film, especially ones which I could associate with myself ie., having my bags checked going through customs at the airport, the pink diary, Stamford, Speadie and dancing with my two daughters LOL. 

I couldn't help but feel let down by the film towards the end of the film, when you're left wondering if he and the single Mum really get together after she completes her script writing studies. I suppose they do get together, but you want to see it! Although it was a romantic comedy, there was no kissing in the film! Thinks a true romantic comedy ought to have at least one kiss. ;)

The film was written and directed by Marc Lawrence. He actually graduated from Binghampton University. Could the film have been about himself? I love his romantic comedies, my favourites being "Two Weeks Notice" and "Music and Lyrics" Thinks the film is definitely worth a watch. There's no sex, bad language, drugs or violence in the film...there's only slight reference made re a sexual interlude between teacher and student. You do not get very many films in this genre anymore. I actually liked it. :)

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