Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Love, Rosie :)

Picture this! :) Two people who have known each other for what seems like a lifetime. They become great friends. They have a special bond together. Could they possibly be right for each other? One would expect so....but perhaps not. :)

If you fall for someone, should you tell them how you feel? Could you risk losing someone you love because you didn't tell them how you felt about them at the time? What if you love someone, but the feeling is not mutual? There are many questions. :)

This evening I went to the Showcase Cinema to watch the film 'Love Rosie'  and I must say that I enjoyed the film immensely.  :)

The film was adapted from the book 'Where Rainbow's End' and it was written by romantic novelist Cecelia Ahern.

The film starred Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. :)

Without being a complete spoiler, I found the film to be very charming....and it even has a happy ending,.  :)

Basically: Boy and girl have a special bond together. They both attend the same prom night, but they don't attend with each other.  They both lose their virginity, but not with each other. They barely kiss, let alone anything else, but they form a special kind of love for one another. The inevitable happens right at the end, but not without all of the drama in between. They live happily ever after, but do they find that special love toether, the one that only two people can share together in order to find completeness.  I won't become a complete spoiler here, however the film is definitely worth a watch. 

The end. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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