Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Christmas Wish To My Friends

A quick message to all of my friends. :)

Goodness! If you don't know who you are, then I hope this helps :)

I was asked to define friendship not so long ago.  It wasn't an easy task for me, as friendship covers so much.  I attempted to define friendship in my own little way. So here goes! :)

I would say that I have had a number of friends over the years. :) So,  who would I consider  my friend/s? I consider my friends are all of those folk I have never fallen out with, I have no reason to fall out with and all of those I have still remained friends/in contact with over the years.  Basically, if I know your address/ phone number/contact details etc and we haven't been in contact with each other for the past few years, then we've either fallen out or we were never really friends to begin with. The only exception to this rule is, if I have called you a friend previously, however we've lost contact details/we've never exchanged details or if there is another good reason why we're not in contact.

Friendship to me is  all about trusting someone and forming a close mutual relationship together. Being around for someone when they need you. Listening to them when they have the odd rant now and again. Showing a caring concern for someone if you know they're having a bad patch in their lives. Showing someone an act of friendliness. Yes! You can love a close friend, there's no harm in loving someone you feel a close connection to. You don't have to be registered to Facebook to be a friend either. ;)

So, here's a simple message sent to all of my friends. This little greeting goes to you all. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and i wish you all a prosperous new year, whatever your circumstance, I wish you all a cheery greeting from me, to you. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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