Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Menopause!

I hope this is helpful to all of those of you who are currently experiencing Menopausal symptoms.. Both men and women experience the menopause. Although it is usual for a woman to experience the menopause in her 50's, it isn't unusual for a woman to experience the menopause much earlier in years. In very rare cases, in her 20's even.

It is usual for a man to go through the menopause in his late 40's to 50's. After the age 30, the average man's testosterone level declines 1 percent each year. 

The menopause is often referred to as 'The Change' or the 'Midlife Crisis'  

Here are a couple of useful links.

Useful links:

The Menopause - NHS Choices

Male-Menopause - NHS Choices

Please note that I am not a Doctor or a Nurse, therefore I cannot offer you any advice on the above.

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