Thursday, December 25, 2014

We Are Who We Are!!!

Recently whilst someone was chatting to me, they very innocently referred to me as a Spanish lady!  I suppose it was meant in the nicest possible taste and It was quite a compliment, particularly as I consider many Spanish ladies can look very lovely. However, the way I look and who I actually am, couldn't be much further away from the truth. :)

I am indeed a British citizen who can only speak the English language. I am proud of this fact. Let's face it, Britain is a country whereby many folk from lands afar want to live/make their permenant residence in. Therefore why shouldn't I be proud of the country I have grown up in....and be proud of our language too. English is indeed a language many want to learn to speak. :)

I think you can tell a lot about someone by asking what their Mother tongue is/Native language is before you go assuming they are from another country.

The language I speak, when speaking to my family members and friends, is indeed English. Unlike many foreigners these days who can speak as many as 4/5 different languages, I'm ashamed to say, I cannot speak any other languages other than English. :)

When I attended school, I did indeed learn a little school girl French, however much of this has been forgotten as I gave up learning the language when I was in the third year at Secondary school.  :)

I think a person can look like they come from another country, they can be born in another country too, however English can still be their first and in many cases, their only language.

So to sum it all up, let's not assume someone does not speak the English language fluently, because they may not look British. Let's not assume they don't speak the language fluently because they were born in another country. Let's not assume they are not proud of the country they have grown up in, even if they were born abroad!!! Let's not assume they don't hold a high regard for the country they were born in, even if they've not visited it since they were 5 months old. We are who we are. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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