Monday, January 05, 2015

"The Theory Of Everything" :)

This evening I went to watch "The Theory Of Everything" at the Showcase Cinema. I cried, I smiled, I laughed. The film was fabulous. :)  The film was adapted from the memoirs of Jane Hawking 'Travellling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. It starred Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones (notice how the actress had the same cute bunny rabbit teeth like me) and Charlie Cox. I would say the genre of the film is more of a romantic drama.....and I very much enjoy romantic from time to time. ;) There are some films you just have to go and watch on your own! :)

The film tells the story of  Stephen Hawking and how he was first diagnosed with motor neuron disease. He became a successful physicist who falls in love with a literature student, Jane Wilde. In 1988 Stephen Hawkings wrote a very successful book called 'A Brief History of Time.'

I have to hand it to Eddie Redmayne, because his portrayal of Stephen Hawking was outstanding.  Apparently, he spent 6 months researching Stephen Hawking's life, after he agreed to take on the role in the film adaptation.

I found the film very emotional, however there were a few laughable moments too. :)

The film was directed by James Marsh and i enjoyed it immensely. :)

I recognised some of the scenes in the film, particularly as I live in Cambrideshire and I have photographed a few of the colleges during my many visits.  I remember standing on the bridge of St John's College a few years ago, watching the punts go by.  It is very picturesque. :)

What a great start to the new year as far as motion pictures are concerned. :)

As some of you know, my ex husband and I divorced in 2005. In September 2014 (last year ) we both united for the day to attend our eldest daughter Catherine's graduation day.  She graduated with a first degree in English.  As I watched her walk onto the stage that day, I wanted to say to my ex-husband "Look what we made" .... A memorable quote from the film.  It was indeed a very proud moment for us both. I wished I'd said it now. ;)

This is definitely a film to watch! I loved it! :)

My thanks to Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking, a truly beautiful film. .)

Here's to a happy 2015 everyone. :D
SmileyRoseFrances x

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