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Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Two Part Documentary :)

Our Guy In India 

This evening I watched the first part of a two part documentary, which takes us on a 1,000 mile adventure with Guy Martin.  He is on his way to a motorcycle race in Goa.  He begins his adventure by purchasing a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motorcycle, which he manages to purchase from a guy called Lali, who is an Indian motorcycle dealer. He purchases it for £135,000 and then he is given a lesson on how to ride it, a few freebies are added and then the bike has a Hindu blessing before he can ride off with it. Can you imagine them doing that here in the UK.;)

He visits India's biggest truck yard. All of the trucks are very glitzy. Apparently, the more brightly coloured they are, the easier it is for them to sell.  He meets with a lady named Shanti who used to work as a tea lady at the truck yard, however she gave that job up so that she could fit tyres and now earns herself about £650 per month! :)

Goodness! Guy Martin then shares his experience of Delhi Belly. :) Eww and then we see the congested and polluted roads....and the bad drivers! Thinks the UK Road traffic officers would have a field time catching the bad drivers in the built up areas of India. ;)

He goes to the top of India's tallest building, a 833ft Imperial skyscraper in Mumbai. I felt dizzy watching. ;)

Thinks there is definitely two classes in India, either you're very poor or you're fairly wealthy. There are two totally different contrasts as Guy Martin finally makes his way to the beautiful and spectacular Himilayan foothills whereby he visits a lovely tea plantation. If that's not enough to tire someone out, he even tries his hand at paragliding.  The views are stunning. :)

I can't wait to watch next week, when he ends up in Goa where the Worlds largest gathering of Royal Enfield's takes place....and the 3 day 'Rider Mania'..... Excitement! :D

Part 2 :)

This evening I watch the 2nd part of 'Our Guy In India.'  As Guy continues his adventurous journey to Goa, he stops off at Mumbai where he goes to the top of a high rise flat in a slightly cronky lift,  where he watches them build.  Not for the faint hearted. It looks a little high up there. ;)

Guy gives the children of Mumbai a lesson in Internal combustion engine pistons. LOL they were very keen to learn.  I'm unsure if I understood it, let alone a child understanding it. ;)

He continues his journey whereby he stops off along the way at a small village, in order to weld his bike stand. It was a bit of a bodge job, but it seemed to work. ;)

He crosses the Arabian sea to Goa. He stops of for the night at Mahad where he watches a bit of cricket.:)

He finally reaches his destination and he arrives in Goa for the Ridermania...whereby all of the riders race their Royal Enfields. Guy's tourer becomes a racer, No 51.  The race eventually begins! Goodness there are riders falling off their bikes. I think it's due to the heat. It's hardly surprising, it's very hot and humid out there!  Guy find himself in the lead! With only 3 laps to go it looks as if Guy is winning.  He wins!  :) He does a Victory lap. :)

He recalls the highlights of his journey.  He is amazed at going to the slums and meeting a gentleman who has very little, but he doesn't want for anything and he appears to be happy with his lot.  The people in general all seem very happy, even those who have so little.

Guy puts his bike in storage for the time being, however he plans on returning to India so that he can ride his bike back to Grimsby. :)

The very best of luck to him. :)

SmileyRose x

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