Monday, February 16, 2015

My Wild Imagination. All In A Days Shopping Trip. ;)

My day off work. An afternoon in Stamford: :)

Last Friday I decided to go on a shopping trip to Stamford. I had not been to the Stamford Market in ages. I had a little walk around the town and I took some photographs of the Stamford Meadows. I shall post some of these in the next couple of days (I've not had the time to even look at them yet). :)

The day was a little dull, but it managed to remain nice and dry for me. After walking around the town, I decided to go to The George Hotel for afternoon tea. I parked my car in the hotel carpark so that I didn't have to hurry as there is only limited car parking along Station Road.

Here's an extract from my diary:  I am sitting in my favourite arm chair in the lounge at the George Hotel, Stamford. There is an open fire, the fire is roaring. Every now and again I can hear a crackle. A very nice waiter approaches me and he asks if there is anything he can get for me. I tell him that I would like a menu and a pot of tea to begin with. He very kindly brings me my pot of tea and I browse through the menu. I wipe the drop of water from my brow, as I'd rushed into the hotel earlier and as I was sitting so close to the fire, I felt very hot, very quickly. I remove my coat and I settle down to relax in the chair. The waiter asks me for my name, he calls me Madam. It makes me feel quite important. ;)  The room is cosy. I can hear the crackle of the fire again. It sounds lovely. The room slowly begins to fill with people. I peer out of the window, it looks very dull outside still. The tea is going down a treat. I draw the waiter's attention and I ask him for scones with clotted cream. He is very obliging and he promptly brings me two scones. I look around and I smile at an elderly couple who have just entered the room. I hope they did not see me drop some of my scone onto the floor (it's a huge crumb). Oops-a-daisy!  :)

I look around the room again and somehow I feel as if I know everyone in the room. I could hear them all talking and the room is small enough to listen in to people's conversations. Another lady and a gentleman reluctantly pull themselves off the sofa and as they are about to leave, they both stop to chat with me. They eventually say goodbye. What a pleasant couple. :)The very nice manager walks by and he smiles at me. A group of people walk into the room and they greet another couple sitting in the corner of the room. There are kisses all around. I feel a little left out, as I am sitting on my own, but suddenly a grey haired gentleman walks into the lounge. He is on his own too. I immediately look over at him and my thoughts were, this guy looks a little like Richard Gere. :)  He sits down by the fire, in a single armchair. I peer at him from the corner of my eye. Oh dear! He catches me glancing at him. I blush. He smiles. Eww he caught me looking. What now?!  :)

I continue to read and I glance up again some minutes later. The guy is now reclining on his seat with his eyes closed! He looks extremely relaxed and contented. My imagination starts to run wild. :) Well he did look like Richard Gere for goodness sakes! ;) Oh dear! I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I blush again. Dare I say this, but my vivid imagination starts to really run away with me even more so as i  undress the man. I think I've been reading too much 50 Shades of Grey recently. Anyway, it's not's just my imagination. I had to keep telling myself this.  :) The manager walks by me again and he gives me a knowing smile and a nod. Does he know what I am thinking? I wonder. :)

I suddenly notice it getting dark outside, so I quickly fumble for my car keys. I put my coat on and I pay my bill before I leave. I had a huge smile on my face as I drove home that evening and I had a really super dream on that night too.;)

Yes! All in a days shopping trip to Stamford. I can't wait until the next time.;) :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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