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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sporting Events In The UK :)

Although I was born in another country,  I am indeed very British and I have always supported the United Kingdom in all of their sporting events.  I mostly support England when they are playing football, or when they are not playing, I support either of the other teams which make up the United Kingdom. :)

I have spent much of my life (from the age of 5 months) residing here in the UK, therefore I think one should support ones countries teams when it comes to supporting the various sporting events.

If I have been out for an evening in the City Centre, when another countries team has played in the Cup Final, I've heard shouting and screaming in the streets of Peterborough, because some other country has won a game of football.  Yet when England have lost and they are out of the cup final, I have heard loud cheers in the streets too! It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, as I live in England and all I seem to hear in recent years, are cheers in the streets whenever England have lost! Where's the support for this country!

I support the country I grew up in.  There are lots of folk who support our benefit system alright, but when it comes to sporting events, they seem to dismiss the United Kingdom for some reason. Someone once told me it was because we have such useless teams and the other countries play much better than us, when it comes to playing a good game of football! :(

It doesn't matter how bad someone has played, surely you should be supporting the United Kingdom if you have made this your home....and not the opposition. :)  If you support another country, shouldn't you be supporting them by living in that country?

For a good number of years I have supported the Chelsea FC, although when I was a young girl I did support Liverpool, particularly when Kevin Keegan used to play.  I was a huge fan of Frank Lampard when he played for Chelsea, he is sadly missed. I also support POSH, the Peterborough football team, because it is the home team. :)

I tend not to go to too many football matches and I prefer to watch it on the TV, however I did travel to Nottingham once to watch West Bromwich Albion play Nottingham Forest. It was when Trevor Francis transferred and he was sold for the first million pounds :)

My brother has always been a huge fan of Tottenham Hotspur, for as long as I can remember. LOL someone has to support them I suppose. ;)  I will admit to supporting them a few times when I was younger. My brother is a huge fan of the game and you can't prise him away from watching the football, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the game, particularly if it has something to do with Tottenham. :D

LOL some would say the reason my ex and I are now divorced is because he was an 'Up The Gunners' Arsenal supporter. He had his downfalls, I know. :D

When it comes to football, I love watching some of the main matches on the TV, particularly when Chelsea or England are playing. :)

I also love Wimbledon, the Grand Prix and The Grand National. I don't mind the Rugby although I usually just catch up with the highlights. I am not a huge fan of cricket, as my father and brother seem to be, however I have watched it a little and I don't mind watching occasionally. I tend not to watch Golf, however because I used to work at the Burghley Golf Club and I know a number of Golfers, I don't mind the game at all. :)

I will always support the England teams usually :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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