Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Suite Francaise"....Or Should I Say SWEET FRANCES (My Christian Name):D

I am feeling exhausted today! :) Lauren (one of my daughters) and I had a super day yesterday, in St Albans. Unfortunately Catherine, my other daughter could not be with us as she was working however Catherine and I have spent a number of days during my days off recently. We both had a lovely trip to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. :)

Lauren and I browsed the fabulous market stalls and the lovely shops together in St Albans. We visited the beautiful St Albans Cathedral. It was a very pretty City, not all that far away from The City of London. :)

We later went to have lunch at Zizzy. I loved the food. :) Then it was off to the Odeon to see 'Suite Francaise' which sounds very much like Sweet Frances. :)

The film was excellent and it starred the fabulous actress Kristin Scott Thomas, Michelle Williams and Mattias Schoenearts. The film is based on a best selling novel by Irene Nemirovsky. The film is set in the 1940's during the German occupation of France and it tells the story of love, power and the tragedies of war time. I loved the film and it is definitely a film to go and see. Lauren and I later spent time at her Uni premises catching up. I then had the drive feeling tired, happy but also sad our lovely day came to an end. Love you Lauren and Catherine. Heres to our next adventure together.;)

Congratulations to my daughter Catherine for passing her driving test. I am so proud of you.  So now BOTH of my daughters can drive! How lovely. :D

Taken on my mobile phone, St Albans Cathedral. It was beautiful. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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