Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Favourite MOTHERS :)


I think most Mums do a very good job. :)

I'm a Mum and I love both of my daughters heaps. :)

My favourite types of Mothers are those who are/were similar to me. They are Mothers who took the time to care for their own children by spending valuable time with them, hence giving them a good start in life.

We were not rich or wealthy, nor were we relying upon social security monies to help us to take care of our children. Instead, we took time away from the work force, without payment and we lived on just the one family income.

It wasn't always easy, but we managed for a few years during the most important years of our children's  lives, those informative years when a child needs their Mum the most.

I have met a number of Mothers like me, particularly during my time away from work. I was a full-time Mother. It was a pleasure to see there were others like me. We worked before our children were born and we were able to go back to the work force once our children were old enough.

Many of us Mothers i knew, have all returned to the work force, but we are still able to share our memories together, recalling the fun times we spent with our children.

Those are my favourite Mothers,  the ones who took the time to stay at home with their children, because they cared. :)

I think the work force benefits from those kind of Mums, because if you're great at managing a family home, you are likely to have good organisational skills within the work force....and you're likely to have a good caring nature too.

Here's to all of those nice Mums I know. You're all simply the best! :)

As I mentioned previously, I like most Mums, but my favourite Mums of all, are those like me, mainly because we have shared the same experiences and we all have something in common.

PS. I think the children of all of those Mums, are simply the best too....and they would all be great in the work force. I'm sure the females in particular would all make great Mums. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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