Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Martian :)

I went to see the film "The Martian" a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! :)

The film starred the fabulous Matt Damon. It is definitely one of my favourite Damon films to date.:)

The film tells the story of a space mission which turns to disaster after a bad storm. The astronauts are forced to blast of the planet Mars, leaving one behind!
Mark Watney aka Matt Damon, is left behind with very few supplies and he's left in a dilemma when he tries to figure out a way to signal earth to let them know he is still alive!

I can associate with this!!!!  :) You suddenly find yourself alone, with nobody.  You have little funds, but you have to make it stretch. You're frightened and alone. You start to give up hope, but then you realise that nobody is going to help you, but yourself.  You snap out of that original shock and grief.  You grit your teeth and you carry on, because you realise you have two little girls you want to see grow up and if it wasn't for your wit and sheer determination, you'd be 6ft under by now! It may sound grim, but it's the truth. It's called "The Survival of a Full time Mother, after her husband divorces her!"

I had my music, as Mr Damon......and my wit to get me by.

Does the crew come back to save me, that is the question? ;)

The film was gripping and very funny. I loved it.

Mat Damon, you deserve a 10 for the acting. :)


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