Saturday, December 26, 2015

SmileyRose Christmas Message

I do hope everyone has had a pleasant Christmas time. I have had a very peaceful Christmas time with my Mum and my two daughters, Catherine and Lauren. It has been peaceful and relaxing few days. I loved it!

My thanks to everyone who gave me a Christmas present. I am so grateful. If you didn't give me a present, then shame on you! Just joking.;)

Thank you for the lovely presents. Thank you to my daughters for making my Christmas a special one. I love you both very much. My Mum made us a lovely dinner. I love her lots too. Thank you xxx

Lauren and I had a super day on Boxing day when we went sales shopping together and we went to see the new "Star Wars" film. A fabulous film!

Wow Catherine for driving up to spend time with me, on your own. The first time after passing your driving test! There's no stopping you now. ;)

Thankfully I have a few days away from work now. Yipppppeeeeee! ;)

God bless to all of my friends, family and anyone else who knows me. Here's to a fabulous 2016. Xx

SmileyRoseFrances x

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