Saturday, January 02, 2016

A New Year Moan!

Here's a little moan! I remember years ago, my grandmother being quite frail and she always had a number of tablets to take. I remember her joking with me, telling me that if I shook her around, she'd make a good rattle! Anyway, her tablets used always come in little plastic bottles/containers. A good idea however the lids were not always easy to remove.

These days, the tablets come in packets which require an elderly person, who might be suffering from arthritis or a similar debilitating disease, to struggle pushing them out of a packet. It is not always very easy for them. What may seem easy for us to do right now, it can be a struggle for others, particularly for the elderly. I do wish someone would invent an easy method to abstract pills, just to make their lives easier.

I remember the days when petrol stations had petrol pump attendants. Wouldn't it be nice to at least have one person on hand at a petrol station to assist with the little jobs that some folk may have difficulties with, such as checking tyre pressures etc. I am sure there would be fewer accidents on the roads if there were people who helped in such matters, especially helping the elderly folk. Some of the little tasks might seem silly to some of you right now, but not so silly to our ageing citizens.

Then there are the detergent bottles! How do they expect the elderly folk to get into some of those! Even I had difficulties getting Into one for my mum the other day, I had to use my teeth to help me open it!

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Frances R. A. Napper said...

Ok! I went to do a few enquiries this evening. I went to see a pharmacist and I asked her for some advice re above. Apparently pharmacist's are aware that some people experience difficulties with their tablets because of the lack of strength they have with their hands, particularly when they are older. Rheumatology and arthritis are just a couple of the illnesses which can cause problems, however there is someone on sight who can help with this awkward situation, if the person informs them of their difficulty. They can dispense the tablets so that nobody needs to struggle, but they need to inform their pharmacist.

Apparently, there are handy gadgets on the internet which you can purchase to aid this problem. It is also advisable to purchase a tablet container, with compartments for each day of the week. If you know someone who can help you to prepare your tablets in advance for you, then this is a handy device.

That's my homework for today. :)