Friday, January 13, 2017

British Subjects

I think EVERYONE who comes from another country, to reside permanently here in the UK, should have a good level of verbal communication (in the English language). They should also have a good level of understanding the English language and they should have a good level of written communication, before they can become a British Subject.

This also includes those who are marrying a British Subject ie mail order brides!

Most of my friends tend to be English. You tend to make friends with people who speak the same language as you, it is human nature. I found it very difficult moving to a City, after my marriage broke up. There are a lot of people in the city who all speak in different languages, as their first language. As nice as they might be I found it very difficult to integrate due to the language barriers.

As a child, all of my friends at school, only spoke in English. I was mostly brought up in Stamford and Rutland, England, therefore it was easy to mix and make new friends because most of my friends were British. I only attended English schools as a child.

I can understand why there is a lot of depression around.

During my stay in Cyprus and Penang, when my Father was in the Royal Air Force, there were a lot of British families living on the camps. I also attended English schools at the RAF base. I still mixed with and made friends with other British people. Life would have been lonely otherwise.

SmileyRoseFrances x

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