Monday, February 27, 2017

"Hacksaw Ridge" and "Lion" :)

There have been two excellent films I have been to watch at the cinema recently.  One starred Nicole Kidman and the other was directed by Mel Gibson, two of my favourite Australian actors. ☺

"Hacksaw Ridge" - An amazing film! I went to watch Hacksaw Ridge this evening, I was simply glued to my seat from start to finish.  The film was a true life story about Desmond Doss, the World War II medic and how he single handedly saved the lives of soldiers who were doomed to die at Hacksaw Ridge.  The film was directed by Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson ceases to amaze me. I simply loved this film. Desmond Goss was truly an American hero who deserves to be recognised for his bravery. Andew Garford,  such a brilliant actor.

When you watch films like this, it makes you realize that there are some truly brave people who all deserve the recognition for their courage.

I attended a British Red Cross First Aid Course some years ago, before I was married. I passed the course due to someone who encouraged me to pass. I was extremely nervous on the day and he helped me with my revision, due to his very caring nature. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. It was during the days I lacked confidence due to my shyness. Thankfully I passed and although I did not renew my certificate after 3 years, it all helped when I later became a full time Mother to my children. Learning First Aid is always useful when you become a Mum. :)

Ps My Mum is named Dorothy. I loved the Wizard of Oz too. :)


"Lion" - What a beautiful film. A very uplifting and heart-warming film which starred the beautiful actress Nicole Kidman, the brilliant actor Dev Patel and the lovely actress Rooney Mara.

I am still very tearful after watching this true life story.  It was very emotional. So lovely to see the real family at the end of the film.

Parts of the film were filmed in poverty stricken India and the beautiful beaches of Australia. I have high regards for both countries, but a very special place in my heart for India.  ☺ i have a passion to visit both places one day. 😊

I'm a Leo the Lion. The film made me roar.

SmileyRoseFrances x

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