Friday, February 24, 2017

Skin Colour!

A person can still be brought up as white British no matter what  his/her skin colour is!  It is all a matter genetics. :)

Two white parents can give birth to a black child if there are black genes in either parents ancestry. The same baby could grow up with siblings who are white! It would not make the baby mixed race! The baby would still be brought up speaking the same language as his/her parents. The child would still grow up as being white British because he/she may/may not be aware of his/her ancestral history.

You could say the same about a child who was adopted. If a child from a different cultural background was adopted from an Asian country, by a white British family, he/she is not going to know his/her birth mother, unless he/she wished to trace his/her birth parents. Even then, he/she may not speak the same language as his/her birth parents if he/she was brought up by adopted parents, who happen to be white! That child would indeed still grow up to be white British, because they would not know any difference!

Also, parents who both have an Anglo (English) and a mixed background, are likely to bring their children up with a white upbringing if they are brough up in the UK, even if their skin colour is not white.

The colour of your skin does not determine your cultural background!  :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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