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My name is Frances Rose Agnes Napper aka SmileyRose. I am a friendly and fun loving individual. I like meeting new/old friends. Although I love being with friends, I also enjoy my own space from time to time. I have a number of hobbies. I enjoy taking photographs, going to the theatre, travel (visiting new and exciting places), reading, films and listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I particularly enjoy it when we all get together. I was a full-time mother for both of my daughters and I did not go back to work until they both reached primary school age. The UK has a lot to offer because there are so many picturesque places to visit. I particularly enjoy the British countryside. My home town was in Stamford, Lincolnshire although I am currently living in Peterborough. My Father was a serving member of the RAF. I'd consider myself well travelled from a very early age (6 months old). Divorced - for 10yrs. Currently single. I am interested in meeting nice folk only. :) Star sign - Leo the Lion. Birthday -July 29th. That's me in a nutshell. :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Designer Babies V Real Babies 😁

I am so glad I grew up in an era when designer babies have not become too fashionable yet. What do I think about designer babies? Personally, I think it's messing with nature and they're playing with fire.

Lol could you imagine the next block buster film 🎥  A country using designer babies to entrap our dipstick male species into falling in love with them. Could you imagine a mass epidemic of perfect looking women swarming the country in an attempt to take over the country!   007 would have a field time if he were captured by the enemy.  😂

I believe in replacing cells that maybe diseased, however where would it stop?  What if someone suggested replacing cells to make women have longer legs, bigger assets etc in order to design man's perfect woman with a perfect body! 😀

Every woman may end up looking like Wonder Woman one day.




I would hate to be with a man who looked too perfect!

SmileyRoseFrances x

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