Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hooray For "Returnships" :)

Good news on International Womens Day.  ☺

It was extremely difficult for me to return to work after being a full-time mother to my daughters for a few years. My ex-husband was a shift worker and it was awkward for me to go out to work at the time. We made a conscious decision between us, for me to have a career break whilst the children were young, therefore I gave up paid employment for a few years, during which time i put a little back into the community by working in a volunteer capacity at the local pre-school both of my children attended. When the children were older,  I eventally went back to work part time, before becoming a full-time worker again. I also took a number of college courses in order to update my qualifications, before I retuned to the work force again.

I am extremely pleased that our Prime Minister, Theresa May has recognised the difficulties many women face when returning back to the work force, after they have cared for their children. It was a very stressful time for me to say the least, as I was also going through divorce at the time.

Hooray for 'Returnships' ☺

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