Monday, March 27, 2017


"LIFE" - Omg 😱 I really enjoyed this film. 🎥 I was actually gripping hold of the edge of my seat 💺 Not a spoiler but I was the last one out of the cinema 🎦 this evening and I darted out of there pretty quickly afterwards. 😀

A good film 🎥 to go and watch, particularky if you enjoy sci-fi films like I do. 😁

Prior to seeing the film, I was not very pleased though!!! I have been an 'Insider' member at the Showcase Cinema for a good number of years now. It means that because I go to the cinema regularly/so often that i get to watch a film 🎥 for less than full price.

Tonight I went to the cinema and the guy who was serving told me that they have a new card system because it is now called the new Showcase De lux cinema, due to recent reburbishment. I told him that normally they look my name up on their computer 💻 system and they can see that i am an Insider/member, however this evening they charged me full ticket 🎫 price, because I am not in receipt of a new card!!!

I then informed the assistant at the till that a few weeks ago, they took down all of my particulars/details and they informed me that a new card would be sent out automatically to me. However, nothing has arrived in the post yet!

#BloomingCheek all of these years I have spent a fortune coming to the cinema and they treat me like a rotten tomato I am not very pleased! :(

SmileyRoseFrances x

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