Friday, March 31, 2017

The Railway Children

My Father took my sister Caroline and I to see the 'Railway Children' many years ago, when Jenny Agutter played the part of Bobby...the eldest daughter. My brother was in hospital at the time and we were living in Cyprus. It was the only film my Father ever took me to see at the cinema. However he often paid for my sister and i to go every Saturday morning when we were a little older. He would drop us both off at the Berengaria Cinema and then he would pick us up afterwards.

The scene when Bobby runs to her Daddy after the steam from the train was cleared at the platform, shouting "Daddy, my Daddy" always made me cry. It was an emotional scene. I loved the 2000 version of the film too.

One of the very first presents my Father ever bought me, was a Hornby train set. We'd play for hours with it.  It's perhaps the reason I like trains so much. My Grandfather used to work on the railways too.

When I was younger, I used to have a cape coat just like the one  Roberta in the film wears. My father used to go away a lot due to him being in the RAF when we were younger however we always looked forward to seeing him when he returned.

On the night my Father died (early hours of the morning), I hurried to see him. I drove through thick fog....only the fog didn't clear/lift. :( It's not usually foggy this time of the year. It reminded me of that same scene from the film. That scene always did make me cry. :(

Scenes from the original film "The Railway Children"

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