Tuesday, March 07, 2017

"What" or "Pardon" Which Sounds More Polite? ☺

When I visit another country,  I do not expect people who live abroad to always understand me, particularly when their main language is different to mine. It is wonderful that many people from abroad do try to help and accommodate me during my visits, by speaking in English to me. I tend to take a phrase book with me sometimes, it helps me if I need it or I google what I need to know.

There are a number of people living abroad who are so very welcoming and I thank them for their kindness. I have lived abroad, when my Father was in the Royal Airforce.  However, when we live in England and we speak English in this country, I do expect people who reside here permenantly, to understand me, unless of course they are only visiting the country during a holiday.

I am quite clear and precise in my speech. It annoys me when some people keep saying "What!".....Some of them are English!  If you did not catch what I said the first time, it is polite to say "Pardon."

I am sorry if you have hearing difficulties, i am very understanding in such cases. I have a family member who has hearing problems too, therefore I am fully aware of the difficulties it can cause.  However you still need to be patient with me, because it strains my voice/throat if I try raising/straining my voice too much!  I have problems too.

The answer here is, to be more understanding of each other, but I am never rude!

Rant over. I am still enjoying my week off though. 😊

SmileyRoseFrances x

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