Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Can Only Speak English

*Tuts* Asking me to like something I do not understand completely, is asking too much. I have never learnt another language apart from schoolgirl French. I can only speak English fluently. :)

I would never live in another country whereby English was not the main spoken language. I would not expect people to understand me when I am visiting abroad, but I would expect them to be hospitable and helpful, particularly if there is a language barrier during my short visit to their country. I am not planning on permanently living anywhere that does not speak English as the main language, however I can embrace someone else's culture etc during my visit/when I am in their country.

I have lived abroad in Cyprus for 3 years, as a child. I made friends during my stay.  I learnt a little of the Cypriot language, but not enough as I had no plans to live in a non English speaking country. My Father was only based there temporarily with the RAF. I respected the Cyprus people/Cypriots and their culture during my stay. They are indeed such lovely people. I have since visited friends who live there. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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