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Friday, December 08, 2017

Divorce and Children

I would have behaved like a monster if my husband/partner ended our relationship, he moved to another country with our children and they promptly moved another partner into the home, with them!  The law is an ass to itself, if it allows these circumstances to happen.  Of course I would be upset if another person tried to take my place as my child's parent, it is only natural.

Thinks the law should force the residential parent, to make certain that they take their child/ren to the non-residential parent, every other weekend, only if there is no proven evidence of violence or anything of a sexual nature etc,  towards the children. 

If it was left to the responsibility of the residential parent to do this, then either parent, if they loved their children,  would not want to move too far away from the non-residential parent.

I am a firm believer that both parents, if they are responsible parents,  should take an active role in bringing up their own children,  even if they divorce/separate.

I saw both of my children every other weekend, after my ex husband and I divorced.  Our children are well adjusted children and both of them are Graduate students.  Most importantly,  both my ex and I never missed out seeing them grow up into lovely human beings.  They were and are,  always well loved by both parents :)

Ps What happens if your partner took the children to live abroad, he/she moved in with someone who was wealthy, however you are made redundat/you don'the have a job to be able to afford to go and visit them? Then what?  :( If my children were young and they went to live in a country wit an ex, I certainly would not want to move to a country where I cannot speak the language! Even if I was wealthy, I would not want to keep plane hopping, just to see my children! It is a different matter if your children choose to live abroad when they are much older ☺

Thinks both parents should take an active part in bringing up the children, for the sake of the children.

SmileyRoseFrances x

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