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Friday, January 26, 2018

Thinking Out Aloud Again! :D

Hmm I am thinking out aloud.....again! :D

At this day and age.....would I really want to become a Mother, without marriage?  :)

I would much rather be the woman a man chooses to marry, than to feel like his bit on the side, especially once the children come along. I may be divorced now, however both of my children have left University and they are both adults themselves.

Personally speaking, if someone wants to come out of a marriage because they find a new partner/lover, then there should be more rights for the person they are leaving, particularly if they have young children together.

Anyone can come along and break up a happy marriage/home i.e. a Bimbo,  however I think, if a man or a woman remarries/cohabitates with a new partner, whilst the children are still of school age, then he/she (the NEW partner) should also take on the responsibility of paying maintenance for the children i.e., the ex-partner should not need income support, because there should be enough money to be able to support him/her, if the new partner is working least until the children have left school, so that they are well provided for. The money should not have to come out of tax payer’s monies in order to help provide for couples who have young children and who split from their marriages. 

There are a number of families whereby quite often; one partner may not be able to work full-time, due to her/him caring for the children. There are many reasons for this, for instance, if one partner is a shift worker, then it is not quite so easy to provide care for the children and often the other parent will drop his/her hours, or not go out to work, whilst the children are young.  In the event of a marriage break-up it should NOT be down to tax payers to fund the person left with the children, the responsibility should still be with the parent leaving the home and his/her new partner, once they are remarried/cohabiting. The extra maintenance from the third parties income/wage should help provide for the children. :)

Well, it is one way to help stop infidelity. :D

I suppose the way the law is now; there is nothing to stop a man/woman having multiple babies with numerous different partners! But if he/she cannot provide for all of them, then who does?!

SmileyRoseFrances x

Talking Like A Bimbo!

Laughing out Loud!!! I have just proved a point! If I talk like a bimbo, in a gibberish manner, then my post viewings go up considerably.

OK! I have deleted the gibberish post. Now that I have your attention.............#SoFunny :D

SmileyRoseFrances x