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My name is Frances Rose Agnes Napper aka SmileyRose. I am a friendly and fun loving individual. I like meeting new/old friends. Although I love being with friends, I also enjoy my own space from time to time. I have a number of hobbies. I enjoy taking photographs, going to the theatre, travel (visiting new and exciting places), reading, films and listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I particularly enjoy it when we all get together. I was a full-time mother for both of my daughters and I did not go back to work until they both reached primary school age. The UK has a lot to offer because there are so many picturesque places to visit. I particularly enjoy the British countryside. My home town was in Stamford, Lincolnshire although I am currently living in Peterborough. My Father was a serving member of the RAF. I'd consider myself well travelled from a very early age (6 months old). Divorced - for 10yrs. Currently single. I am interested in meeting nice folk only. :) Star sign - Leo the Lion. Birthday -July 29th. That's me in a nutshell. :)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It Is OK To Be Fussy And To Have Standards 😀

Someone recently asked me why I was fussy about the types of guys I like to be in  relationship with. I laughed out load and I mentioned to the person in question  that I was very particular because there are an awful lot of people out there who are as #thickastwoshortplplanks who cannot string a few words together to make up sentence!  I don't mean those who make the odd spelling mistake, I mean those who really cannot spell at all! If they are suffering from dyslexia, then that too is a different matter.

I tend to love people who have the ability to be able to write, particularly those who are very creative when they write.  These people are my favourite kind of people. :)  The Internet is great for meeting folk who love to write.

I think you can get to know a lot about a person by the way in which they write. Having said that, you do need to meet someone to make certain their personality is equally as good.

I would describe the way in which I write, to be in a very down to earth manner. I would not want to be with someone whose style was anything less. The Internet does tend to have a lot of people whose writing is atrocious though. They do not do a lot for me, no matter how good looking they are.  😀

SmileyRose x

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